What are the most promising upcoming neighborhoods in Dubai?


There are many promising forthcoming areas in Dubai. JLT is taking an intense action with the presentation of ‘Uptown Dubai,’ another local area not too far off. The debut of Uptown Tower, the region’s first supertall tower, is expected to draw attention. DMCC aims to establish itself as a thriving community by providing a mix of residential, commercial, and retail spaces.

Also, Palm Jebel Ali is on its way to becoming the next big thing in real estate worldwide. At first conceptualized in 2006 as an opponent to Palm Jumeirah, it was required to be postponed. Notwithstanding, with the-always developing land area here in Dubai, Nakheel has concluded this moment is the perfect time to send off this super undertaking, which will be two times the size of Palm Jumeirah. Additionally, there is a lot of demand for brand-new villa communities like The Oasis by Emaar, which are close to Jumeirah Golf Estates and have already sold out of phase one. It demonstrates there is areas of strength for a for new networks, regardless of whether they are further away from the shore.

According to a financial backer’s perspective, is it better to put resources into laid out areas or new ones? What are the benefit and drawbacks?

The main difference here is established communities are a known quantity, you know what you’re getting into, you have reference points for your investment, what it may take to upgrade and what yield you are likely to attain, which is likely to be fairly stable given the fact you’ll find data going back to help with these decisions. If you choose new, then of course there will be no upgrade costs, but you also need to take into consideration what else is still to be done.

Think about what is still to be finished, how many more units are to be delivered, which could affect your yield if prices drop due to oversupply. What budget will people be prepared to pay should it be further out. All of these questions mean there are both pros and cons for both. Best advice here is to do your homework yourself. Don’t rely on others to inform you but make sure you understand everything about the community you are going to buy in

When one buys property in a new neighbourhood, will he/she get access to all common amenities like parks, pools etc or do these take a while to come up?

All of the amenities on a master plan are likely to be finished as people move into the area. If we take Town Square as an example, their central park, which is an amazing facility to have in any community, was delivered after people moved into the community. You need to be mindful that if parks, pools, running tracks etc are planned, it may take some time for the final facilities to be delivered. Some developers can work on these alongside. Maple in Dubai Hills for example had their community pools delivered on hand over, a nice touch if you are moving somewhere new. It comes down to researching the developer and looking at their previous projects. Review the delivery of these amenities post handover, redflags will be if communities are still waiting for water in the pools months or years later.

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What are the most promising upcoming neighborhoods in Dubai

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