Most frequent questions and answers

Dubai’s real estate market will remain stable through 2021, with a consistent demand for both residential and commercial properties. However, due to alterations in the economy, government policies, and other factors, it is difficult to accurately forecast the market’s state in 2023.

 Dubai’s popular real estate investment areas include Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, and the Dubai Marina. However, before making an investment, you should conduct research and speak with a local real estate professional to ensure that it meets your specific requirements and objectives.

In Dubai, property can be purchased by foreigners subject to certain restrictions and regulations. Before making a purchase, it is essential to consult a local real estate attorney and conduct proper research.

A 4% transfer fee, a 2% registration fee, and a mortgage fee if a loan is taken out to buy the property are some of the typical costs of buying a home in Dubai. When contemplating the purchase of a property, it is essential to be aware of these expenses and to incorporate them into your budget.

In order to find a real estate agent with whom you are comfortable working and who has a track record of success in the local market, you can get recommendations from friends and family, read reviews on the internet, and conduct interviews with a number of agents. Additionally, it is recommended that you verify the agent’s license with the Dubai Land Department. for More Area guide and verified Agents contact us today. 

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